Spam Filtering and Text Classification

Spam is ubiquitous, highly adapting to any counter-measures, and most annoying. This makes spam filtering one of the most important and interesting research topics in the field of text classification and text mining. During the course of my research, I have cooperated with the spam filtering geniuses Bill Yerazunis (CRM114) and Fidelis Assis (OSBF-Lua), trying to advance the state-of-the-art in spam filtering and text classification. I have also contributed some small software utilities of my own and published several papers in the field.



As part of my PhD defense, I gave a talk on "Challenges in Spam Filtering Research." The talk highlights not only some of the current issues facing the anti-spam community, but also gives a short historical overview over the development of spam and spam filters. Abstract and slides of the talk are available.

(This wasn't the only talk of my disputation, I also gave an overview of the information extraction approach I pursued in my thesis which you will find on my information extraction page.)


My publications on spam filtering and text classification:

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